Managing all of the Documents and Details
This binder prompts users through the collection of the personal, financial, medical, online and household details needed to support a loved one. Created to support two parents suffering from dementia, this work book also includes worksheets for schedules, dates, subscriptions and memberships.  Print and PDF editions available.



Three ways to better communicate with someone who has dementia
 I recorded a video of a popular blog post on the tactics I use when I visit my parents.


The Fruit of the Cumulative Acts when Caring for Someone with Dementia
This story is inspiring and instructional on how we must adapt to meet the needs of our parents with dementia.

Kay’s Durable Power of Attorney Versus ….

  • USAA
  • Social Security – Part I
  • Armed Forces Insurance


2 comments on “Resources

  1. Hi Kay, I came across your blog while looking at blogs that deal with Alzheimer’s. I am thinking about starting a blog that supports the book I wrote about my own experiences. I don’t think I would cover the topic as well as you have. Nonetheless, my questions is, how much work is it to have a blog?

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