Got a Question? Let’s Ask the Hundreds of Readers.

pumpkinsThis year, I realized how thankful I am for the thousands of individuals that have been reading this blog. It has become my own digital caregiving support group. I would like to try to share the power of the support network with all of the readers.  If you have a question, please send it to me at Kay @ MemoryBanc . com and I will post it to the blog for other readers to weigh in.

Since it’s Thanksgiving, and we are moving into the time of year where we spend a lot more time with family. You may be noticing new issues and want a place to turn to ask a question or three.

The feedback and suggestions I get through this blog and the other social media postings are invaluable to me. Keep them coming … and I hope you will consider using what you’ve learned to help the dozens of new individuals who are just starting on this journey.

I will post questions anonymously, and hope you all will take the time to share your thoughts, give some words of encouragement, and even consider asking a question. Thankful. 

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