Flirting with Normal

brunchwithmomThis past weekend my sister came to town to visit with Mom. On Sunday, we took her out to brunch. It’s been a while since I have gone to a sit down restaurant with mom. The addition of the wheelchair and mom’s declining health made it difficult for me to confidently have an outing with mom alone. I knew it would be easy to manage with my sister, so we made a reservation for brunch.

After we were seated, we just chattered away. My sister talked about her jobs as a waitress when she was in high school. She remarked that she hadn’t thought about those jobs in many years, it must be the visit home that sparked the memories.

Two of mom’s favorite meals are fried chicken and waffles. We were pleased to find “Chicken and Waffles” on the menu so we could get her both! We were surprised by how much she ate.

While my mom didn’t talk very much, just having all three of us at the table was pleasant. My sister and I could keep the conversation going and my mom was tickled by a few of the stories we could share. Life for a few minutes felt very normal for all three of us. Delighted. 

transportchairDear Ellen: Thank you for loaning me the transport chair. We made good use of it and I know it will come in handy for many more trips. You are a blessing to so many people. ❤

7 comments on “Flirting with Normal

  1. You’re welcome, Kay. Thank you and bless you for all you do and are! Hugs, Ellen

  2. I’m so pleased you had a nice time. It must have been good for your mum to see you together again. It would be good if we could get out a little more and Maureen has been chatting about the need for us to do more this morning. Hey I might even be going with her aspirations for a change!

  3. What a lovely story. It makes me think about how we shouldn’t think only “it’s your turn to visit” but instead “let’s go and visit together”.

  4. […] what I learned on my sisters visit, was that going with my sibling was a way to reconnect with mom and my sibling. Not only did we […]

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