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The Entrepreneurial Journey

I know I’m one of many who are (or have been) on the caregiving journey and had it change your life in positive ways. My goal is to help everyone realize that having all of your estate plans in place sometimes just isn’t enough. Loved ones need more information to step in and assist. I hope you will download the free list of documents to get started here: http://www.memorybanc.com/thanks/

Why Minding Your Stuff Matters

I founded MemoryBanc after working for more than 20 years in small, growing entrepreneurial firms. I considered myself an entrepreneur because I was adept at helping small businesses define their market and grow.  I loved working in small companies where your job lines were blurry and you had to be a jack-of-all-trades.

When my parent’s health was failing and I needed to step in to help, my full-time corporate job required that I be an effective leader and demanded long hours, and I desired to be a good wife and mom; I became overwhelmed by life. I was no longer satisfied and set out to redefine how I was prioritizing family, job, health and my faith.

In caring for my parents, I stumbled onto an unmet market need and started to work on the business plan. It felt onerous. I was using a life coach at the time to help…

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