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The 2014 Brain Health Gift Guide: MemoryBanc #1Gift

MemoryBanc RegisterI’m honored to be named the top gift this year on the 2014 Brain Health Gift Guide.

When I appeared on the Dr. Oz show, I got to meet  Dr. Cynthia Greene. Both Dr. Oz and Dr. Green encouraged me by explaining that dementia is more from lifestyle than it is from heredity. Having two parents with dementia (multi-infarct and Alzheimer’s) along with two grandmothers with dementia made me feel like I was doomed to repeat history.

Dr. Green founded Total Brain Health that offers brain fitness toolkits for senior care, healthcare and fitness settings.She also is the author of Your Best Brain Ever  that was named a “2013 Top Guide to Life After 50” by The Wall Street Journal.

Each year Total Brain Health creates a gift guide of items that foster brain health. The MemoryBanc Register is a life preparedness tool that is best done when you are in good health. It helps:

  • couples coordinate their financial and household details,
  • single adults provide a road map to those that would step in to help if they needed it and
  • parents record the location of key documents, accounts and assets along with their personal wishes.

As a gift, it not only is a simple solution to help someone get organized, but it also conveys to the individual that in the event they should ever need help, you’d be honored to help. Honored. 


* I continue to recommend you work with an estate lawyer to determine which legal tools you need. In my opinion, the most important document everyone over the age of 18 should have in place is a Durable Power of Attorney. 

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