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Siblings, Gratitude and Aging Parents – AARP

If you share caregiving duties, you will find this interesting. The gratitude you share is linked to general satisfaction of shared caregiving roles it seems. I am fortunate. I don’t believe my luck has to do with my gratitude, but more so for that of my siblings toward our parents.

I previously wrote about how my siblings and I divvied up the duties. We have ground rules and have calls at least once a month. There are 4 of us. Truly Blessed.

My prior posts on this topic:

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One comment on “Siblings, Gratitude and Aging Parents – AARP

  1. […] set she used to run bridge games and this is causing grief for everyone. She has always tended to perseverate on specific topics and this month, its the bridge card set. My mom turned over the set to a woman […]

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