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The joy of first times…

This article reminded me how easy it might be for me to help my Mom. I’m thankful my Dad did not suffer long and my parents enjoyed more than 60 years together. Thank you Kate!

man on the moon_neil armstrongThe first time man walked on the moon, the whole world stopped. In fact, most of us can remember exactly where we were when it happened.  Virtually the whole world walked beside him, and the excitement and exhilaration that must have been felt by the astronauts and NASA team I am sure will live(d) with them until death. Every astronaut to step onto the moon since then would feel that first time experience, and I’m almost certain, will relive it for the rest of their lives.

Our first love, our first steps, our first trip away on our own, our first bowl of roses for the spring, the first time we hold our new-born baby… these are all spectacular moments. They rarely make us feel sad, angry or annoyed. Perhaps we need to do that with our loved ones who have dementia for every moment we spend with them, especially for…

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