MemoryBanc Wins the AARP Older-Adult Focused Innovation Award

KayAARPCheckWe are pleased to announce MemoryBanc won the award for the AARP Foundation’s Older-Adult Focused Innovation Award.

I launched this business after it was clear my parent’s could no longer manage their personal, financial, medical, online and household records and details. It took me months to collect and organize the information I needed to be able to assist them. The amount of information was so overwhelming, I created a book to store it all.  When many friends and colleagues knew what I was going through and saw the organization system I created, they asked for copies. I realized this was an under-served market need and brought the MemoryBanc Register to market last year.

Since then, I have found that most of my clients are in their 40’s and 50’s and buy the book to get their own household records in order. I look forward to developing the product to best meet the many market segments MemoryBanc serves.

I owe a special thanks to Brielle Danese and Steve Sobel who have supported me on my efforts to build this business to meet the needs of the market.

Thanks to all for your support! Proud. 

7 comments on “MemoryBanc Wins the AARP Older-Adult Focused Innovation Award

  1. Awesome, Amazing Kay!!!!

  2. Congrats Kay! I’ve been following your blog, and enjoying the connection even if from afar. What a wonderful recognition for you and your company.

  3. […] AARP Foundation recognized our solution last year, I was encouraged. I’m pleased to see that the estate and financial planning community is […]

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