Thanks for breakfast mom!

bacon and eggsI had a business appointment down the street from my parent’s retirement community so I told my parents I would join them for breakfast. I planned on meeting them at 9 a.m. I call in route and my mom says she’s looking forward to seeing me.

When I arrive, my mom is walking to her apartment with a piece of toast and bacon in her hand. She tells me she wants to drop it off and we need to hurry to get to breakfast. We drop off her bacon and toast and join my dad in the dining hall. I don’t ask any questions, I just follow her lead.

Apparently, breakfast stops being served at 9 a.m. My mom has a place ready for me with a plate of eggs, bacon and toast and tells me to sit down and eat. I start to decline and she tells me she already had some breakfast and that this plate of food is just for me.

There have been so many changes we are all adapting. Today, it was nice to have my mom serve me breakfast — it’s been a while. Touched. 

4 comments on “Thanks for breakfast mom!

  1. Your Mom planned ahead for you to have a nice breakfast, then knew you needed to go right then to eat before it went cold. I think that has to be an improvement on her reasoning skills.

  2. This post made me smile. Glad it was a good morning.

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