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Kate does a wonderful job of giving care givers insight on a topic that plagued me and my siblings for the past two years. We struggled to help my parent’s while they were struggling so hard to keep their independence.

physically sickIn a blog comment this week about me handing things over to my BUB, I responded with this; ‘I have had to give up a couple of things this week, and hand the responsibility over to Pete.’ I felt physically SICK doing this, and incompetent, and guilty having to do so… even though I know he does not mind at all.’ I had suggested there was a blog in this, and the more I think about it, the more I know it is an important blog to write.

As I asked my DH to take over, the physical response was instant, and has stayed with me as a vague nausea ever since, or at least when I think about it. Prior to the visit to my neurologist on Monday, I had typed up a list of things to discuss, having had my DH review and add to it, in an effort not…

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  1. Dear Kay,
    Thank you for reblogging this post. I am glad it has helped you and your siblings understand our inner world more. As my husband says, even though he hates reading them sometimes, the more he can see what it is like from the inside, the better equipped he is to be by my side.
    Keep up your good work – it is wonderful to read your parents are more settled and happier.
    With love and hope, and wishing you all a Happy Easter 🙂

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