Your parents agreement with the retirement community is being terminated

telephoneAbout three weeks ago, I got a call that changed everything. The Executive Director from my parents retirement community called to tell me “Your parents agreement with the retirement community is being terminated.”

“What did they pay for when they moved in?” was all that came out.  The Executive Director clarified that they were going to require that my parents moved from Independent Living to Assisted Living — this was really a transfer, not a termination.

Someone mentioned this to me a few months ago. It didn’t register, but now I understand that if a resident is a danger to themselves or others in the community, the community will invoke it’s right to force a resident to make a change. My parents would not (and possibly could not) make the decision to accept live-in support in the Independent Living apartment, nor would they opt for this move on their own.

Enough events have occurred that the retirement community is going to force this transition. So much has happened and we are still moving through this process.

I have many things to share … and hope to be get back to writing.  Engulfed. 

9 comments on “Your parents agreement with the retirement community is being terminated

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