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We are going to the townhouse

taxiIt’s 9:30 a.m. and I can see that my parents are calling me. I answer the phone, assuming it’s my mom. She’s always the one who calls me. I’m surprised when I hear my dad’s voice “Hi Kay, we are going to the townhouse. We will be there for several days and wanted you to know.”

Wow. I wonder if my dad got frustrated because he really wanted to go and was aggravated that I kept talking my mom out of it. Does he remember that when he can’t remember that he is going to get dessert at the buffet?

I respond by asking him what time the doctor appointment is today. “What doctor’s appointment?  Wait, here’s your Mom.” The phone shuffles as I consider if my Mom urged my dad to call because somewhere she knows I keep foiling her plans to get back to the townhouse.

Yesterday, when I returned home, I found 4 phone messages from my mom on voicemail. Within the course of two hours, she called, each without any reference to a prior call and all of them regarding a trip back to the townhouse. Two of them asked if I could call her to tell her why I don’t think they should go to the townhouse.

Thankfully, the retirement community alerted me to the fact that my mom went to the health care center regarding my dad and they have arranged a follow-up appointment. It’s today.

At first, my mom has no recollection of the appointment. I then mention a few key items “You visited the health care center to see if someone could see Dad because he was acting strange … they couldn’t see him but did arrange to get you an appointment today … they are picking you up and driving you to the appointment.”  My mom recognizes that this did happen and I confirm that pickup is at 12:30 today. “That’s right,” she responds.

I remind her my brother is coming to town in a few days and will drive them to the townhouse. I only get one follow-up phone call confirming the appointment details. Today, they are staying at their retirement community. Redirected.

One comment on “We are going to the townhouse

  1. […] Our goal was to move everything they needed and close down the old apartment. Given our parents inability to give up their town house and move into the retirement community full-time (even after the stroke and broken hip), we wanted […]

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