Where’s Mom?

duplicate bridgeI call my dad to tell him I’m on the way. He tells me my mom isn’t in the apartment, she’s playing bridge.

I’m surprised. My mom has never played bridge on a Wednesday at the retirement community.

When I arrive, sure enough my dad is sitting alone reading. We have a good chat and then decide to go get coffee in the community center. He suggests we stop by to visit where my mom is playing bridge. Sure enough, we find her playing duplicate bridge with 15 other women.

When my mom returns she tells me it’s the first time she has played with this group on Wednesday. She told me years ago that she could play bridge every day she wanted, there was always a game.  To my knowledge, she wasn’t pursuing any games outside her Tuesday game until this week.

I’m encouraged that she is trying to adapt and get involved at the retirement community. Hopefully, because playing bridge has been a passion of hers for so long (she is a Life Master), I can only hope she is managing at the table, and the others continue to encourage her participation. Celebrated. 

2 comments on “Where’s Mom?

  1. The more activities she joins, the more she will like it there. This is a good sign.

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