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Managing through the stages of dementia in a loved one

For many of us living with, supporting, assisting a loved one with dementia, the transition is very difficult and tricky.

I met a colleague for coffee and he shared with me recently that his wife has dementia. I asked him how he was doing because I can only imagine how difficult this might be to a spouse. He mentioned that it’s changed his routines and his work habits but it was manageable.

I asked him if he considered getting someone to help. We talked this through and I fully understand where he sits. How do you bring someone in to help when the person doesn’t recognize they have dementia?

We recognize and work to understand how the dementia is changing our loved ones. It’s hard to tell when they have reached the tipping point and it’s time to transition to a more robust network of care solutions. I think that answer only comes from within each one of us. Introspect.

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