Is Alzheimer’s dementia?

This article is helpful if you are confused by the difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Great Read!

A cyberfriend suggested I write about this; “Alzheimer’s disease has one image, dementia another.”  Last week at the launch of a DVD made by Domiciliary Care SA about younger onset dementia, I was asked by a woman if Alzheimer’s was dementia. This was curious to me, as the group in attendance were all people related to the service provision of people with dementia, and simply showed the ignorance that is still out there, not just within the community not affected (yet) by dementia, but by some working in that area.

It seems as if there are more stigmas associated with the term dementia. Often people refer to Alzheimer’s disease as ‘Old-timer’s disease’, almost jokingly as if it is a normal part of ageing. Whereas, the term dementia is more likely to be denied, and I have heard many say they are glad it is not dementia, it is only Alzheimer’s…

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4 comments on “Is Alzheimer’s dementia?

  1. reblogging on mom-and-dad-care

  2. Thanks, Kay, for posting this. I didn’t know the difference and the fruit analogy really helped clarify it for me.

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