When explaining just makes YOU feel better

My siblings and I are at a impasse, we keep trying to explain to them what is going on and why the cars were disabled.

Logic on someone who has lost the ability to reason doesn’t work. We keep trying the same things and expecting different results.

We learned our mom is telling people, probably anyone who will listen, we are bad children. We are working very hard to ensure their safety and help them lead the life they told us they wanted to lead.

They won’t accept any help if it is not to do exactly what they say. They keep asking to have their cars back and insisting they are legal to drive.

It’s heartbreaking.

We feel battered and wounded.

But we will keep moving forward. Impelled.

If you are feeling the same frustration, I think you will find this article instructive.

4 comments on “When explaining just makes YOU feel better

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