Your Dad’s License Has Been Revoked

I knew the form to revoke my parents licenses was submitted by Dr. J. We had no idea when the letter would be sent to my parents. Apparently it arrived today. My mom calls and tells me the news. “Just Dad?” is the first thing out of my mouth.

Awesome to know that it happened within 2 weeks of being submitted, however where is the letter for my mom?  Her diagnosis was moderate to severe dementia.

My mom states they are going to the doctor to get him retested. I sweat a bit wondering if there may be a doctor somewhere, who would refute the medical diagnosis of the first 3 doctors that would put him back on the road.

I haven’t seen the letter but they are under the impression that my dad is quickly losing his driving privileges. I have no idea how far and defiant my parents are going to get on this. Frightened.

6 comments on “Your Dad’s License Has Been Revoked

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