Five Ways to Age Better Than Your Parents

I’ve been working on how to learn and grow from the place I’ve landed. I recently shared this story and it was picked up by the US Daily Review where you can find the full article.

The five ways I want to age differently than my parents include:

1)    Cultivate meaningful friendships.
2)    Document the little but important things.
3)    Question and understand my health state.
4)    Find work I enjoy and continue working.
5)    Exercise and eat right.

Since that appeared, I got reader responses and will be adding two more to my list that I feel are important, but failed to include:

6)    Constantly challenge yourself by learning new things.
7)    Eliminate / moderate your consumption of alcohol. While a recent report from Johns Hopkins University reported there may be benefits to alcohol consumption in regard to the onset of dementia, it’s the habit of drinking that should be eliminated.

Please share any additional suggestions in the comments box!

3 comments on “Five Ways to Age Better Than Your Parents

  1. accept help when it is offered
    recognise when it’s time to downsize and simplify life
    leave if my partner or myself are dragging each other down

    • Thanks for sharing. I have often wondered if my parents are better off together or apart and in the end, think having someone there has been important to them both. I will continue to wonder on that!

  2. […] changes in my life in an effort to build a new and improved aging storyline. In 2012, I shared the 5 ways I planned on aging better than my parents which included cultivating meaningful friendships, documenting the little but important things, […]

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