Understanding the World of Dementia

Kate Swaffer, who has been diagnosed with dementia, posted this story and it’s enthralling! Thanks for bringing this story to our attention.

My blog today is to link you to a remarkable award-winning essay by Grace Kearney.

Through the Looking Glass: Understanding the World of the Alzheimer’s Patient                        

The waiting room could belong to a dentist’s office. There are bright lights and comfortable chairs and plenty of People magazines. But the vacant expressions of those waiting makes it clear that they are not about to have their teeth checked.

Standing inside the geriatric psychiatry clinic, I feel as if I have already entered something more personal than an internship. Before I can fully absorb the scene, a nurse calls me into her office. She is administering a diagnostic test to a new patient.

“Where are we today, Mr. Perkins?”

“Appling, Georgia. I wouldn’t dream of leaving.”

“What day of the week is it?”


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2 comments on “Understanding the World of Dementia

  1. My pleasure, and I am thrilled you are sharing it as I did; a truly awesome essay.

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