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He just can’t help me anymore.

I’d made plans to play tennis with the neighbor of my parents at their home. There are tennis courts within one block. I invited my parents to come watch, but they said they were going to go out and stay at their retirement community apartment for the rest of the weekend.

When I park my car in the driveway , the warning bell in my head sounds. I need to put a note on the car in case my parents don’t do what they said they were doing.  For so long I would be surprised that my parents said one thing and did another.  I can laugh at myself about this now, since they don’t remember what they say, why was it constantly surprising me?

I leave a note on their door that it’s my car so they don’t show up and call a tow truck.

When I come back from tennis, sure enough, my parents are now at their home. My mom follows me out and says, “He just can’t help me anymore.”

Later that day she calls me again and tells me, “He just can’t help me anymore.”

I explain that the doctors confirmed he has no short-term memory, so any of the tasks she’s thinking he can manage, he just may not be able to do anymore.

She’s quiet.

Both times I tell my mom that I can assist when she needs it. Is there something I can help with today? She comments that she’s doing alright but is just angry that he can’t help her anymore.  Interpreted.

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