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The boys used to wear big gold rings in their noses.

All I know about the 1950s I either watched, read or heard. Back to the Future has probably given me the deepest introduction to this time period.

When my mom says that she remembers the boys in high school having large gold nose rings, I file it away and move on to a new subject. I don’t think boys were piercing themselves in the 1950s. The most I saw in my teens in the 80s was multiple ear piercings so I am a little surprised to hear this from my mom.

When I mention this to my husband, he reminds me of something I know, but am still adapting to – my mom says things she believes to be true, but it’s just not rooted in any factual event. First I wonder when my mom has ever really seen someone with a big gold hoop in their nose. I’m not sure I have seen more than one or two. Preoccupied.

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