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Hey, I know you

I’m sure you know the feeling of seeing someone you know but in a place you aren’t expecting. You almost can feel your brain hiccup.

My parents called and confirmed we’d meet at their house at 4:45 p.m. I stop by and realize they probably went to the club instead of coming to their townhouse. I drive to the club and find them sitting in their usual seats by the window to watch the airplanes. As I get closer, I watch as my mom sees me but strains to make sense of the recognition in her brain. She smiles, “Hey, I know you.”

I say hello and ask them if they recall that we were going to meet at the townhouse? Crickets. There is no apology, no recognition. My mom jumps right into asking me to pull up a chair and join them for dinner. I remind them I can’t; I have to pick my son up in a half hour.

I know there might be a day when I see my mom and there will be no recognition of me. As frustrated as I am in having them squander my time, I focus on the positive. Today, she still knows me—not sure she is going to forever. Distracted.

One comment on “Hey, I know you

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